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Our skilled and highly-trained cleaning technicians control the autonomous, intelligent robots for safe, fast and efficient cleaning.

About Us

Solar Clean Asia

is a division of the Vinarco Group established in Thailand in 1993, and now operating across South East Asia. We are ISO9001 and TRACE-certified and fully conversant with international protocols for HSE. Our safety protocols follow best practices from the Oil and Gas industry. Amongst our clients are PTTEP, Chevron, Mubadala, and Ikem/Aibel in Oil & Gas; AIS, DTAC, True in the Telecoms sector: and hundreds more blue-chip companies in other major industries.

Our sister company is Solar Clean International Pvt. in Singapore. We share best practices and protocols in Safety and Operations, and common systems and reporting standards in our back-office operations.

Solar Clean Asia: the safest, fastest and most efficient panel cleaning solution.

Cutting-Edge Robot Technology

significantly reduces the risks of human error, injury, damaged panels, and inconsistent cleaning results.

We Provide The Optimal Solution

for cleaning large-scale solar installations. And, over the long-term, we help protect the capital investment in large-scale solar arrays.

Services in Neighbouring Countries

We can also provide cleaning services in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. And, through our sister company, Solar Clean International Pvt., in Singapore and Taiwan.

What we offer

Solar Clean Asia

Commercial and Industrial Solar Panel Cleaning

Our main focus is large-scale solar farms and installations. But we are equipped to service all large array solar-powered operations including factories, shopping centres, hospitals, office buildings and apartment buildings.

Why Clean Solar Panels?

Solar panels generate power by exposing solar cells to sunshine. The more sunlight that hits a panel, the more power is generated. As a solar panel gets dirty, energy generation is reduced. A combination of climate and pollutants lays down fine, granular deposits that coat the surface of your solar panels. This baked-on crust reduces power generation and, if left unchecked, can cause system failure. What can you do to prevent that?

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Why clean solar panels?

The Safest, Fastest and most efficient panel cleaning solution

Cleaning solar panels is necessary because panels can quickly lose 10%, 20% or even more than 30% of their efficiency if they are not cleaned regularly.

How Does It Work?

Just follow our 3-step process

1: Call Us Now

Contact us via email:
contact@solarclean.asia or call us on:
+ 66 89 168 8818
Let us know the generating capacity (in MW), type of array, number of panels and site location of your solar farm or installation. This will enable us to define the size and scope of cleaning needed, and the safety protocols required.

2: Site Visit

Based on the size and type of your installation, and on either a professionally-conducted remote survey or an on-site visit, we will give you a full proposal for our cleaning service.
This will cover price, timing, equipment/manpower allocation and necessary safety measures.

3: Cleaning

Our team of trained technicians will bring the automated robot(s)and equipment to your farm or industrial site on the scheduled date. We will commence cleaning operations immediately. For on-site support, all we need is a water supply and a mains electric outlet next to the solar array.

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Solar Clean Asia makes it easy for you to Clean your Solar Panels, Safely and Efficiently.

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Enhance your power production. Protect your precious asset.

Return your solar array to full productivity, and prolong the lifetime of your panels, with regular cleaning. Our autonomous robots deliver safe, minimal-risk, and highly-efficient results.